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Los Angeles, California USA

We are a very small but fully FAA licensed and insured drone company based in the greater Los Angeles area of southern California but operating global-wide, and we are dedicated to excellence in aerial photography and film making.

Shelley Lawrence - photographer and producer

Chris Ross Leong - pilot and DP



Films, Web Series, Dramas, Thrillers

Welcome to Hollylwood!
DR1CAM's film and TV reel is a selection of outstanding A- and B-camera moments for Films, TV shows, documentaries and web series.

Fashion model Siobhan Lacey

Beverly Hills, CA

A great shoot! Superbly put together by Los Angeles photographer Arthur St. John, supermodel Siobhan Lacey looks graceful and elegant.

Videography by Enrique Calvillo.

Makeup and Hair by Damaris Santana.

Music by Eric Matyas, SoundImage.org.

All footage shot and edited by dr1cam.com.

...and here's the final Siobhan Lacey video...

drone footage by dr1cam.com

Green Solar Technologies


"Thank you, the video looks amazing...!" - Nicki Zvik, President and Founder, Green Solar Technologies.

Short Testimonial for Green Solar Technologies, a solar power company. All footage shot and edited by dr1cam.com. 

Music by Eric Matyas, Soundimage.org

White Stallion Ranch, Thousand Oaks

Coldwell Banker Real Estate

This is a 3.2 acre empty lot on top of 20 acres of land in the private White Stallion Ranch in Thousand Oaks, CA. Asking price $3.75m.

All footage shot and edited by dr1cam.com.

Liz & Brad

A wedding video.

A passion project, for sure! Liz Martinez and Brad Bohning's wedding coverage, all shot on a drone (some in the air, some hand-held). Stills photos by Brenda Bravo (bravoimage.com)

Music - "As Love is My Witness" - Westlife.



Dr1cam is the aerial photographic and cinematographic arm of author, veteran  photographer and producer Shelley Lawrence (shelleyannlawrencephotography.com), and her partner, long-time DP, photographer and multiple Emmy-nodded editor Chris Ross Leong (chrisrossleong.com)


Lawrence and Leong have taken their decades of production and film making experience and put it into the skies, to bring a dramatic and cinematic experience to the world of the small Unmanned Aerial System. 

Chris Ross Leong has been a pro photographer since 1975, has been building and flying radio-controlled aircraft since the 90's, obtained his FAA PP-ASEL private pilot's license in 2001 and his FAR 107 sUAS certification in 2016. 

The dr1cam flight line consists of two Freefly heavy lifters (4K camera capable, with 2:1 anamorphic 2.35:1 Cinemascope, DCi or UHD 16:9 formats), two DJI Inspire 1s with UHD 4K, two Phantom-type UHD 4k camera drones, a DJI Mavic Pro and several custom and special use drones. All systems are at least 4k UHD camera capable.

dr1cam carries full insurance on all its operations, indoors or out.

dr1cam also has full post production and finishing facilites, with custom music score composition and production in-house as well.



Real Estate Industry

Freelance Aerial Film and Stills Production

Dr1cam was formed with Real Estate services in mind. Shelley Lawrence is particularly suited to producing media for the real estate business since she holds a current California Bureau of Real Estate license:

(BRE # 01775471)

Chris Ross Leong is a fully licensed and insured pilot and remote operator (FAA # 3938873), and brings over 40 years' of camera and flight knowledge and experience to the partnership. 

Recent examples of dr1cam productions for real estate agents can be viewed here.

Motion Pictures, TV and Web

Freelance Aerial Cinematography and Photography

Serving the independent film industry and real estate businesses, dr1cam can film or photograph your location or scenes using anything from a quiet and unobstusive micro-drone for your website or brochure to a heavy lift machine shooting 4k DCI anamorphic cinema quality footage for your latest production.

All of dr1cam's aerial systems are stills photography capable, plus its operators are veteran photographers, ensuring top quality stills camera originals for all your web or print needs.

dr1cam is especially attuned to the needs of the independent film producer, providing inexpensive production packages with general liability insurance coverage of up to $5 million - per flight.

Full FAA certification and pre-flight clearance means no more looking over one's shoulder after screenings or YouTube releases for a visit from the authorities about the permit-free, snatched run-and-gun footage one might have paid pennies on the dollar for.

Let dr1cam get you the shots you need, at the price you can afford, without the risk.

Special Events

Not always as simple as it looks

Special events aerial coverage might seem to be a matter of simply "throwing a drone up into the air and hitting the record button".


Certainly, when one watches a drone advert or a Youtube video of a good drone operator at work, it looks that way.


However, special events tend to occur around people, and there are definite Federal rules and regulations to ensure the safety of those people, especially when flying nearby.

Plus, there are always other aircraft in the vicinity, heliports, schools, and other venues where there are people around. Not to mention the local authorities.

DR1cam researches all locations for flight restrictions and other safety concerns before we fly, and then fully insures each and every flight individually for general liability insurance between $1 million and $5 million.

So now you can have great coverage of that special moment, shot from on high, just like in the movies, without the risk that comes with "throwing our drones into the air".


Post Production

Stills or Video - sorted!

After the shoot, rest assured that we have post-production covered.

Shelley Lawrence has photographed and published several high-quality books and is well-versed in the ins and outs of Lightroom and Photoshop, and Chris Ross Leong has been a Hollywood film and TV editor for the past 23 years, with many imdb credits and international awards to his name.


Software used includes Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Lightworks and Resolve v14 editing systems, Pro Tools, Fairlight/CMI, Soundtrack and Sound One audio and music production and post, Color and Resolve grading, After Effects, LightWave, Cinema 4D 3D-CGI, and more in our 4K DCI

capable in-house facility.



By appointment only: usually up to half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset, 7 days a week.

Please provide your requested location address, shoot dates and times, with alternatives, since we have to clear your location with the FAA and also allow for your local weather and winds aloft.



about our services!


"Thank you, the video looks amazing...!"

Nicki Zvik - Owner, Founder, Green Solar Technologies

"Thanks for the wonderful work/footage bro!"

Neko Sparks - Producer, Director, "CHOSEN KIN"

"The shots look great!"

Val Kahl, Producer, French Fries Productions

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